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If you are new to Cannabidiol, CBD, products you will soon notice that there are different choices when you looking to buy CBD.  Lets look at each type and discuss the pros and cons of each type and decide what CBD is best for you. 

Full Spectrum CBD.  

CBD is one of 80+ or more cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant, albeit the main one.  Other well know cannabinoids include CBG, CBN and THC, each offering its own touch to the effect of Full Spectrum CBD.  CBD alone has beneficial qualities, but the synergy created by combining cannabinoids together allows one to experience the entourage effect, the boosting the effects of the hemp plant.  So, Full Spectrum CBD is defined the inclusion of all cannabinoids together, none of the cannabinoids are removed through the extraction process.  It is important to note that although THC is a part of this entourage effect, the amount of THC found in Full Spectrum CBD is less that 0.3%, following the federal guidelines found in the 2018 Farm Bill.  

Broad Spectrum CBD.

The main differentiating factor of Broad Spectrum is the absence of THC.  Broad Spectrum CBD is designed for those who want the synergy of all other cannabinoids, but not any level of THC.  The health benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD are still amazing, and with TerraVibe CBD you will actually find Ultra Broad Spectrum with our proprietary blend of terpenes and cannabinoids.  This type of CBD is necessary for those who don’t want any levels of THC in their system.  First Responders, Military, anyone who is drug-tested by their employer will want to embrace Broad Spectrum CBD.  

Isolate CBD.  

To obtain an isolate level of CBD, all other cannabinoids must be taken out through the extraction process.  The only cannabinoid remaining after extraction is CBD…that’s it.  The main purpose is to isolate the CBD to be able to measure and control the amount for items like topical creams and other products that need a controlled environment for formulations.  It is more expensive to make due to the additional steps of processing to removing all but the cannabidiol CBD.  

All three forms of CBD have their place, they all deliver great results.  

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